Weird Games Nobody Plays Anymore 🎲🎯 w OnlyJayus - #Shorts -

Weird Games Nobody Plays Anymore 🎲🎯 w OnlyJayus – #Shorts

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  1. The last one sounds like gacha heat 💀

  2. Hey grandpa we’re playing tag wanna join
    Grandpa. No sorry
    Hey grandpa what games did you play when you were younger
    Grandpa. Umm T^T i meet your grandma in one of our games

  3. If i come back from after beeing stationed on the field somebody has to give up some 😽. If you are chilling at home and cant even do that when i come back im sorry but youll get yo teeth knocked out. I dont condone voilence but im not playing these games either

  4. Why do the first and last games scream "Salo"?

  5. Bro I bet your ass that one guy that finishes in like 4 seconds was considered the best ever at that last game

  6. Not the coconut mall music in the background 💀💀

  7. The last one was basicaly whos The inpostor

  8. Imagine two people take a dump and only find one Vase

  9. Like fornreal if the sex strike happened we might have world peace already. 😆 🤣 😂

  10. I'm Greek and why tf did they never tell us Abt that in ancient Greek –
    Wait actually makes sense why not to…-

  11. Ok the last one- WHY WAS IT POPULAR!?

  12. be grateful the last one was like that. Backwards…. I never said anything. why are u saying, "Ayo?"

  13. Mannn i was watching this in front of my MOMM 💀
    You really want to die huh🤡

  14. Women Denys sex, worriers have sex with each other because of it and became good shit

  15. Babbbeee, gather the boys! Time for a game of guess the bj

  16. Oh shit that’s crazyyyyy id loose tho my face would give away any doings

  17. i know what im playing for my birthday next month

  18. I quite like kobatos. You take a round cup or glass, fill it with wine, drink most of the wine, then fling the bits at the bottom that arent as nice to drink at a figure on top of a pole or column in the middle of the room. Whoever knocks it off with their wine dregs wins. It was said that skill in this game marked a man for greatness.

  19. back in my day i would play this game were me and my friends would see who could pick to most cotton the fastest (in about 5 – 10 minutes)

  20. i’m sorry the last one has me in tears who tf thought of that 💀

  21. Women: go on sex strike to try and get men to stop waging war
    Men: continue waging war and just resort to fucking each other instead

    You can't tell me something like this wouldn't have happened

  22. Dawg, the last one I'm surprised isn't played now.

  23. that last one feels like itd be in a mordern party nowadays.

  24. lmao imagine that some people used to play this weird game called monopoly which was like all about owning renting apartments and beating up your friends if they didnt pay the rent xD

  25. Why all this games are weird or sexual and the last one is disgusting

  26. That last one sounds interesting anyone wanna play?

  27. I think rich Victorians must have done a lot of drugs….

  28. Y'know those actually sound fun besides the find the poop

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