Weird Games Nobody Plays Anymore 🎲🎯 w OnlyJayus - #Shorts -

Weird Games Nobody Plays Anymore 🎲🎯 w OnlyJayus – #Shorts

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  2. Greek women 200iq kings

  3. there was sophisticated love, and then there was sophisticated lust

  4. The Victorian era was a genuinely gross time actually. The houses were beautiful and the women's dresses were elaborately beautiful but the hygiene was wild. Let's all be grateful the paintings rendering images of the era don't come with an accurate smell. 😂

  5. Man, Roman soldiers did anal with each other as a sign of comradery

  6. That last one actually sounds pretty intersting and fun
    Im bout to get together with me old friends from my childhood for this one

  7. I think that last one still goes on today…at wild parties

  8. I think the last one might be still played. If not then I’m gonna lmao 😂😂😂

  9. I used to bunk with my little sister. I'm certain I could wait in the old under the table game

  10. The last one is insane. And who would be the women to volunteer??

  11. My mom made a play about that second one… I will never mentally recover from that

  12. that last game is the most teenager thing I've ever heard

  13. That last one seems like something me and my homies should do

  14. back in my day we would play last one to get killed by the hindus wins i won if you couldnt tell


  15. Who’s up for a round of shit and seek?

  16. The Mayans would decapitate the heads of random people and would throw their heads through hoops and find it fun

    I know this because I researched it and went to one of the pyramids they played ball

    the pyramid I went to is located in Merida, Yucatan ps that's in Mexico. HAVE FUN ALSO ITS GUNNA BE 100 – 110⁰ F

  17. imagine if the shit in a vase one the person had diarrhea

  18. This is why we skipped several chapters in history class

  19. The last one sounds like that would happen ina strip club ngl

  20. I now know when I would I back in time to

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