Weird Steam Games -

Weird Steam Games

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I played the weird steam games
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Video edited by: BenMF + Me

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Outro Music: Super Mario World Game Over LoFi Hip Hop Remix by HephestosMusic

Weird Steam Games


  1. It has become tradition where I gift my friends bad rats for their birthdays every year

  2. Granny simulator developer: “Wait so you don’t try to kill ur grandma while she tries to water plants while kicking the shit out of you and pepper spraying you as a little kid?”

  3. watching carson genuinely scream for his life as a cartoon 3d model of a monkey runs at him is hilarious

  4. Audio: weird goofy ahh sound
    Screen: cat being brutally crushed to death with a safe

  5. As a 3D artist and animator, I haven’t been more impressed at how great these graphics can be!

  6. Bad Rats is just a more gory Incredible Machine by the looks of it

  7. Isn't that monkey game based on a joke from oneyplays? I remember them talking about how they'd make a video game where a baboon has escaped the zoo and you have 5 minutes to prep your house before the monkey tries to come in

  8. I love that the monkey game was genuine terror but the mini golf game was just silent disgust while keeping your distance

  9. There are a bunch of weird games on Steam that are available for free like those porn games I found.

  10. Why are people still watching this video? Do any of you know what happened with this man?

  11. mitoza left the chat
    the juicer join the chat

  12. you should try surreal experience next, probably the strangest game i've ever played

  13. the disco movie music is a perversion of Darude Sandstorm

  14. guys you can’t just all comment “Okay, this is epic” there’s gotta be something else you can say

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