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The NBA Finals Are over, And the drama is real and deep and sometimes its just CRINGY -The warriros and Cavs have plays some fun and crazy games so far, and most of the storylines, the big ones at least have been covered, BUT oh, there are so so many more. And that is Our job here, to tell the sotrys and expound on the details, Nobody else does..


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the nba storyteller
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  1. Ummm… That guy is nowhere near middle age. You clearly do not know basketball. 🙂 :-)Regardless, I wish I was rich enough to hire you to tell me a story every night before I go to sleep. If I win the lottery, is this something you would consider? It would be awesome to hear your take on The Three Bears.

  2. Great video man! Really enjoy your channel. I watched the first part of the other angle from Jordan's shot and I wanted to know if you already uploaded the first one and I didn't see it or you will still make it?

  3. I like when you breakdown the classic plays like the Jordan shot over the Cavs

  4. I can definitely hear the similarity between you and MrCreepypasta At certain points

  5. Every Time I watch one of your videos I'm in total disbelief that you don't have at least 1k subs after several months of such quality content. It's upsetting to see someone put in the work and have the talent and still not get fair recognition. I realize that you'll get there and the channel is growing, but it should be well grown already.

  6. The cringe shake breakdown priceless…

    However may I propose another possibility. Is it possible that Lebron organically created a handshake with JR and Kyrie. Then, some Cavs exec noticed and was like: "hey, all of the starters should do a little handshake dance for the cameras… that's good television" (or however NBA execs talk).

    They told Tristen about it and he was like: "bet, let me go get my choreographer and we'll get a routine ironed out immediately." But, when they told Love about it, he was like, "Nah. I'm a grown ass man, you get a handshake, fist bump, high five, or… a hip hop hug if you're lucky."

    By now all the execs are in on it, and they're like "Kevin we need you to put on a little show for the ppl at home. All the polling we did on the subject says its a good idea." Kevin holds onto his dignity for as long as he can, until James's tweet. Finally he gives in, the Kardashian choreographer comes back to write a routine.

    That would explain why both Love and Lebron just want to get it over with, also why James just goes through the motions for Tristen and Love, while the simple shakes with JR and Kyrie seem to be much more heart felt.

    If you read this far, I commend your patience and curiosity, both traits will pay off on this channel. You're only 3 months in, yet your content is top tier. With Balludcrous cosigning on your rep, its only a matter of time before you blow up, keep grinding and this will serve as a preemptive congratulations

    P.S. maybe you can do some collabs with IN THE LAB ( @ten000hours ) or even possibly By Any Means Basketball ( @ByBball )

  7. Excellent video, but exhibit B was the ref not trying to get gossip, but camera time. He could easily overhear the going on without butting in, but he needed to push the cavalier player out of the way to get in the camera view

  8. I've watched 3 vids and in all three you have Lebron taking steroid references 😭😭

  9. A word of advice, maybe some constructive criticism. Try to be a little more concise in the way you talk. Love your content, I've been watching it a lot in the last couple days. Just noticed a couple people on other basketball vids complain that you drag things out and sort of ramble a bit too much, and I can see where they're coming from. Could be a good step at getting the subscriber boom you deserve

  10. Great show. also, you have Aspergers.
    plz make more

  11. 😂 compared K Love to special needs guy, not right

  12. 4 months or so later and guess what? You were right! Timeless content as always. You da bes. Shumpert goose stepping like the goddamn producers is a little uncomfortable though

  13. Dude!,.. your NBA insight is refreshing,.. please do something on KP6 and the knicks

  14. I think your inside your house, probably, I don't know though.

  15. Tristan Thompson getting low for his handshake with LeBron looks suspiciously similar to the crouch he uses to flip his opponents over. Which came first?

  16. On god every middle aged white man be nosey as fuck

  17. 14:27 thaaaaat is one of the funniest things Ive seen in a while!
    and we're told he stood up to and took a punch from MJ!? yeeeeea, okay…!

  18. That taser comment had me cracking up. Very funny man keep up the good work.

  19. Your videos are cool but sometimes you talk way too much shit just to make a point. If you could stop talking so much shit and actually make your points I would subscribe. Other than that, great video content man.

  20. 12:10 It's almost a SHAME that you are JUST an NBA YouTuber man. The way you analyze and profile that scene in depth is just so…

    Yeah man. You should be making $200,000 per month with THAT Talent of yours man. I feel like Ben Affleck in that Robin Williams movie man.

    Cause if, 5 Years from now, I still see you doing this SHIT with all your Talents, I'd be very pissed for you man. Very pissed.

    Ps. 31:25 All this fucking time I thought I was doing society a service by giving out those lame ass jokes (I do those mostly for the fear of my co-workers not being able to get my "Real" Jokes). Never even considered that some of them might be thinking the same thing by laughing at said jokes 🤔.

  21. You have the best basketball channel on YouTube. It's not even close

  22. a parte, we didn't need this footage to say Shumpert was an idiot forever. Plus it was him fouling Steph :'(

  23. MAWM name is Mike Callahan and he's a pretty consolidated turd

  24. by the way, I think you were wrong disrespecting Kyrie like u did in this video

  25. 25:42 looks like Tristan doing a pyramid with his hands. I wonder why is that…

  26. 31:39 most definitely.
    But not true Kevin Love is delusional. LeGoat is the delusional one, u best believe it. I don't know if u made up your mind in the meantime but I hope so

  27. Man U make the sickest videos bro should have ur own 30 for 30 show

  28. But we know it’s not over for lebron.. I mean cmon warriors needed 4 now 5 all stars everyone has respect for lebron it’s kd no one has respect for


  30. Every man is his own, don't let what people think of your race define who you should be. I love your videos man, I would advice looking up Swedish law on how police officers are suppose to describe people in official reports. I don't think your a racist and I can see the differences in races just as you do. But, I don't think some 12, 13 year old white kid needs to think to be normal he needs to act a certain way.

  31. So only one ref is allowed to observe a situation having to do with the players they're reffing?

  32. Steve got punched twice in the face by MJ so when this bald black ref turned with a raised fist he flinched. Can't blame him.

  33. If it's true that Barnes dumped before the games than he have real crap problems before the game 7 in 2016 finals

  34. I'm 28 and love hearing gossip. I haven't hit the point of talking it, i probably have and just don't realize it lol.

  35. What i got from this video is the nba storyteller hates lebron james


  37. Jump forward to 2022: Iman Shump is a dancing with the stars champion 6:50

  38. bro watching this after iman shumpert won dancing with the stars🧍🏽‍♂️

  39. 2:49 iman went on to be competitive in none other than DANCING WITH THE STARS post-career.

  40. Please predict my future as well sir, goddamn Iman DancingWithTheStars Shumpert 😂

  41. I be dying laughing watching these clips. Please, keep em coming!

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