Weirdest Japanese Game Shows Compilation #1 -

Weirdest Japanese Game Shows Compilation #1

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Can you even make a guess what each game show is about?

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Japan is known as its funny & weird Japanese game shows. It is a unique country for its cultures, foods, and lifestyle. My favorite part is Japanese game shows vary from horror movie style to a hot girl.

1. Tore! – is a game show that If you lose a contest, you get mummificated or buried in sand. Here contestants are put in a machine with an ancient Egyptians grave box. The machine has two spools of material in which it spins around you and wraps you up like a mummy.

2. AKBingo! – Sumo is Japanese traditional wrestling, at which they usually try to push each other out of the stage. Here Iki Sumo (breath Sumo), contestants try to blow the air in order to push the cicada in the pipe to another contestant.

3. Lotion Lube Curling – Japanese game shows like using lube to see people slip down. Here they thought of using lube again to curl with human beings.

4. What’s in the Box? – This game is pretty classic in Japanese shows, at which contestants have to put their hands inside of a box that has something placed inside, and their goal is to figure out what it is.

We hope you enjoyed this video. Let us know which one of these Japanese game shows was your favorite.

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  1. Claustrophobia kicked in. I'm not even playing.

  2. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😂😂😂😂

  3. 2:16 おいおい右から読んだら途中にとんでもねえこと書いてあるぜ

  4. That blue tongue skink deserves love,such awesome lizards

  5. *What happened Kojima?
    * She blew.
    *You blew?
    *I did.😅

  6. 손 넣는 아저씨 눈알 튀어나오는줄 알았네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. The Japanese always teaching me what weird things turn me on. 😂

  8. The first girl could she breath when it covered her face

  9. 9:31 she's had SO much plastic surgery that she's hard to look at.

  10. Anyone have any idea what the song is during the Lotion Lube Curling?

  11. In Japan we don't respect people's phobias 💀

  12. توبوا الى الله لأن بالصلاح والاسلام تحيا النفوس والقلوب-_—

    Repent to Allah in Islam because by Islam live the souls and hearts

  13. You ever hung out with friends and thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if they made a show about -" Yeah, this is that

  14. 1:30 なんかこわいし危ない感じがする。

  15. Ain't no way born slippy started playing (5:50) I was expecting sick boy and spud to come out hahahahaha. Two things I thought would never go together, trainspotting and Japanese gameshows 😂😂😂 this world. 🤯

  16. Man this could of helped the Egyptians back in the day

  17. I stg if aliens land in Japan it's going to be awesome lol

  18. Mrbeastが真似してくれないかな

  19. Nobody's noticing that the girls are sexy as hell?

  20. The first one is very suffocating. Just imagine getting your body full of the white thing idk.

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