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WHAT A CRAZY GAME – The Fear Time | Let’s Play Horror Games with Vtuber

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Join me in playing The Fear Time, a crazy and creepy horror game set in a strange house. This game is not only scary, but also funny and full of crazy scenes. Can I make it out of this place alive? Watch out for the jump scares! Follow along with my playthrough and see if you can survive The Fear Time.
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  1. You should try Slendytubbies 3 campaign, its a good horror game

  2. Your English sounds like little girl's

  3. Honestly i love the content ima new sub but this game is for some reason disturbingly fun😭😭🖤

  4. Adventure time come on bring your friends with jake the dog and finn the human its adventure time

  5. Wow I really enjoyed this vid. Vtuber playin random indie horror game is Lowkey fire.

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