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Wizz – Crazy Games

Heavy Metal Forces
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Band: Wizz
Song: Crazy Games
Song/Number: 5
Album: Crazy Games
Year: 1984
Country: Sweden
Location: Eskilstuna
Formed: 1976
Style(s): Heavy Metal

Release Line Up:

Tom Collins – Drums
Mike Gill – Guitars
Robert Kee – Keyboards
George King – Vocals, Bass


They walked to the battle but they lost
They lost, there was thousands to die that

So cold was the wind and the mist was lying

And there was blood in the fields all around
And the king asked the wizzard for how long
How long, must this war go on, give us a

Or must the moon fall down.
Tell us please what’s gonna come.

The warluck will turn
And your castle will burn
And it’s time that you learn

But the king demand the soldiers go out to

And the ships was sailing in the morning

And the soldiers marched away but when the

had turn to day there was noone left to fight

for the king
The ships that sailed the sunrise they sunk

they sunk
And the waves rolled on just as before
And new soldiers came to enjoy the crazy

That people are playing it’s called war

But look at the generals they are to smart to

They say they fight for peace, but there is

war in their hearts
And there is no field of hounor, and there is

man to man, it’s just a bunch of assholes

that kills.

Want you ever stop to fight and come together
You just gotta learn, gotta learn there is so

important things that must be done so stop

all war

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