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Worms Armageddon – Crazy Game (1v1) NNNxPavel-B` vs MIGHTY`taner

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who is this Taner ? This is a PROFESSIONAL. TOP5. King of Worms. But first of all, he is my disciple, a young Padawan. He decided to beat me, but he is too young and stupid, so he was defeated, I gave in to him as best I could, but he failed to win.

Replay of the game from February 25, 2020


  1. I can't tell if you two hate each other or are just playfullying shit talking lol

  2. Did he really start with a pistol? So disrespectful

  3. this is the first game i ever played on computer back in 1998. I have seen pavelb play many of times… and even though he fucks up… calling him a noob and telling him to quit is a sin. straight up. I didn't expect to see this game go as far as 2020. I'm glad to see people are still into this. one of the best games ever played next to starcraft.

  4. Whats this toxicity about, lol. If one game is about fun and party then its Worms, wtf is wrong with these people?

  5. Привет от Nereal'a, если помнишь такого)

  6. Impressive? Not so much.
    I'd like to see them fight a 2+ round strategy scheme where you actually run out of ropes and have to use every other weapon.

  7. 2:33 What happened? Thought they were going over there to try and get another shot with the bow LOL.
    8:23 Nice perfect damage kill. ;D

  8. А почему не играют в версию Worms World Party? Там же были вроде улучшения gameplay, режимы типа фортов, и так далее.
    И ещё, почему вы не расставляете червячков в начале? Как я понимаю в более новых дисциплинах играют с расстановкой, и мы тоже играли с расстановкой, когда серьёзно задрачивали.

  9. Eu falei que ia comentar, achei meio bosta

  10. I want the link for this game…. Windows 10 help me please

  11. Damn there good.

    Them using the ninja rope like that makes me jealous

  12. какие то кривотолки на счет топ-4 топ5, а что разве в червях есть рейтинг или ладдер???

  13. That chat at the top of the screen gave me autism

  14. love the video description gave me a good laugh

  15. I was given this as a Christmas present years back

  16. literally all of you guys' moves involve the rope in some way. thats silly.

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