WTF Was This Chess Game?! -

WTF Was This Chess Game?!

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  1. This game is hilarious but his analysis makes it funnier.
    You don't even need to know the rules of the game to find this funny.

  2. you didnt show nc5, q take queen and bxh4

  3. i think u messed up with nec5, pretty sure u need to play nac5 or bxa4 looks good after queen trade

  4. 17:20 i legitemently would have played A4 but not cause i'm good enough just cause i tought it was a check and all there was literally no reason for me to think A4 would be a good move but still just a random move🤯

  5. What really helps with the craziness is how Levy breaks down any tangents that could have happened. Each time this is done, crazy events become even more ludicrous and rare while the game shows off just how expansive the skill gaps can be.

  6. Me who saw a4+ just because it is a check: Grendmester

  7. Man oh man I was pleased when I thought a4+ would be the winning move even if I couldnt find the continuation.

  8. i actualy watched this on a sunday and my birthday

  9. Gotham chess : you have to be a minimum of 2300 to find this move
    I whose a 900 + rated player found this move
    I was thinking that if the king moved to b5 the white queen can give a check by going to f1 and the black queen can't take because the white queen is protected by the Bishop on g2 and I stop from hear

  10. No one Will believe me that I as 900 rating player found a4

  11. gotham i’m so high right now and when you said “no one will find this move, nobody” i said a4 out loud

  12. I LOVE this game.

    If I was good at chess, this would be the kinds of games I'd want to create. I love the chaos and way back when I used to play as a kid, I would win because of crazy stuff. I'd lose when it came to "pure chess stuff" like openings because I didn't know any (heck I know like….three now lol), but they didn't know how to play an "ad lib" game.

    If getting good at the game meant I could consistantly play and win games like this, I'd be all over playing chess.

  13. I see the chess is even more complicated then I could imagine.

  14. That hyperaggresive kingmanover by black was something else

  15. man I don't even understand chess that well and I can say with confidence that I don't think I've seen a game this wild



  18. Does anyone else want to see a chess tournament where the whole goal is to lose. Like GM titled players just playing the worst moves that they can

  19. This is the really the most craziest game in 2022 😂

  20. knight to F7… people who got the same ad as me would understand XD

  21. We MiGhT HaVe A GaMe WiTh sIx QuEenS On ThE BoArD… LMAO

  22. 17:28 WOW! I was actually able to find that move! Even though my level of experience in chess isn't that high, I'm really proud of myself lol

  23. what? I didn't even realize that it was 25 mins video…

  24. It's not even like those regular low rated games where they blunder left and right, this is a game between very good players and very good moves were being played.

  25. this video was 5 months ago, but I am actually watching on sunday.🤣

  26. I'm here due to the algorithm bump.
    Awesome game.

  27. 17:32 I don’t like making it seem like I’m bragging but I need to say. I paused and looked for about 30 seconds and then I found a4. I went through every scenario wherever the king went after that and it’s game over. I’m about a 700 elo and I found that. I’m so excited rn

  28. Seems like YouTube is broken on mobile devices. Hopefully it is fixed soon. So what did you do this weekend?

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