Yankees vs Orioles Doubleheader Game 1 Highlights (Another Crazy Game) | (9/4/2020 Voiced by Wheels) - voxelo.us

Yankees vs Orioles Doubleheader Game 1 Highlights (Another Crazy Game) | (9/4/2020 Voiced by Wheels)

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The Yankees and Orioles played the first game of a doubleheader that will open up a 4 game series in Baltimore. I edited the highlights and provided the breakdown commentary (voiced by me, Wheels).

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  1. Di deserves more money than Stanton,Judge. this yankee team is so hungry with homerun, they suck this year.

  2. Big Yankee fan here but wasn’t to impressed with how they played

  3. I've been a Yanks fan forever and I have never seen a team that can't even put a ground ball on the right side. So f*cking stupid

  4. Ienjoyed hearing Wheels commentary😂😂 pathetic team, leading most of the way then suddenly losses steam

  5. YaHOOOOOO!!!!! terrified me when they lost the four run lead …. AGAIN!!!! … great narration, Wheels!!! Let's Go Yankeeeeeeeeessss!!!!!!

  6. dont say the yankees suck. they are propalby better than your favorite team

  7. Rio Ruiz is one of the guys that my hitting coach trained

  8. I am ALWAYS excited for Wheel’s vids

  9. Bro yanks making me nervous about making playoffs with this garbage play

  10. The frustration on such awesome narration! U stink Sanchez!! Go Yanks!!!

  11. Another give away game by BBABOON ,2 ROOKIES in 1 game come on!! Loses the Game for Garcia BBABOON
    never quits?! HAL WAKE UP

  12. Has anyone seen Estrada get a hit I swear he’s batting 0

  13. Right on with analysis on Tyler Wade- he should be delighted to be in the major leagues and yet needs to learn not to try to be a home run hitter. Sure every now and again he will hit one out but for him, he is going to be so much more valuable if he can make good line drive contact as much as possible and spray the ball around. With him usually a single is as good as a double and with him on second base he is in scoring position. I also think Estrada is trying to kill it too whereas if he continues that approach he will be back in the minor leagues in no time.

  14. wheels love your commentary ..wow brother. these videos make my night

  15. "what happened to small ball…getting tired of seeing everybody swinging for the fences in every situation". That could be the epitaph on the Yankees' gravestone for this season, and really the last three. They are flirting with a decade plus one now of no WS ring. With the talent they pay for that is shameful. The Yankees brass have their heads up their.. And granted I am writing this after I know they lost game two today and blew a chance to gain access to second place alone. Now they are tied for second with the Jays. Pathetic.
    Nice job with the commentary and video editing is great! Wheels I couldn't agree with you more. This team just ain't cutting it lately.

  16. holding my breath until the very last out! Thanks Wheels. Lets take two tonite!!!

  17. how many home runs has Yankees pitching gave up this season? we must do better

  18. Gary, Gary, Gary. 3 Swinging strike outs. He needs to sit. He is liability. It you watch him swing he does not keep his head down. Not even looking at the ball.

  19. your recaps are better than the ones done by the so called "professionals".

  20. You are always talking negative about the players and the team

  21. Wheels ! keep up the great work! love the content ⚾️

  22. wheels i understand you're a passionate baseball/yankees fan but seriously tone down the emotional stuff

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